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Holistic approach is at the heart of our regenerative programme. Sweat away troublesome emotions and toxins, burn calories, reduce body fat and above all reset.

A 7-day regeneration programme, during which you’ll sculpture your physique and fine-tune your soul. The programme consists of physical exercise and revitalising diet that will cleanse your body of toxins. Lots of activity, healthy diet, communing with nature will improve your physical and mental well-being. You will acquire a new vitality that will stay with you for many months to come…

This unique holistic active regeneration programme is enjoyed by both activity freaks as well as couch potatoes who finally want to start living more actively!

Are you searching for something but can’t figure out what? Open to new things and loving life? Or know you are ready to make a change? We can help you battle your own barriers. People come here in order to undergo our holistic regime, achieve their goals, lose weight, find balance, peace and complete mental reset.


Some come just to lose weight but soon realise that a week with Sweat Lodge Lanzarote is something much more than just a weight-loss-holiday. Here you will find a: change of life, new energy, vitality and courage. You will develop a higher level of physical and mental endurance, you will find YOURSELF AGAIN!

By surrendering to our regime for 1 week, you will lose weight, regain your waist and strengthen muscles. In addition you will lift yourself mentally, regain your energy and improve your body and balance.

Sweat Lodge – Push Yourself Hard Until the Pips Squeak! Sweat away troublesome emotions and toxins, burn up calories and reduce fat tissue.

Sweat lodge – Traditionally used by North American Indians to rid themselves of toxins and “bad energy” with the help of high temperatures in a tent heated by hot stones. We  achieve the same by pushing ourselves rigorously in the mountains and volcanoes of Lanzarote during training marches, yoga, stomach-flattening workouts and massage. Large quantities of water drunk on the trails and light – but nutritious – meals will help us survive and sweep our bodies clean of toxins.

After the 7 days, you’ll be dividing your life into “before” and “after”. You mind will calm down and your body will become firm and supple.

If you are facing any life-changing decisions, you will tackle them with greater facility and in addition, experience a wonderful feeling of belief in your own mental and physical potential.


We will motivate you to do quite a few 6-7 hour treks through the stunning volcanic landscape of Lanzarote. We’ll make the mountains and volcanoes our “gym” – an intensive march uphill, followed by an equally rhythmic descent, offers an endeavour much more exciting than a gym-based workout. The mountains and volcanoes will ensure a next-to-painless endurance of this amount of exertion. Your efforts will be rewarded with breathtaking views, clean air and a delicious lunch on the trail.

The first two days will be difficult – you may even feel like giving up – but we will encourage you every step of the way and it’s well worth pushing through these feelings. On the third day you’ll discover in yourself strengths you never knew you had! A powerful physical-exercise injection and a change in eating habits will speed up your metabolism, hone your body contours and cleanse your body and mind.

Unbelievable? Experience it and you’ll see it’s possible, and possible for each and every one of us. An active individual will exceed the limits of their capabilities and a person fond of a lie-in and lazing about will, on the third day of the programme, get out of the rut, as they begin to notice and feel the effects of their efforts..

We set off on our daily treks from our beautiful Finca where there are rooms for single travellers and larger ones for couples or friends. For the duration of the seven days we will ask you to refrain from using your mobile in the presence of your fellow participants.

Niewiarygodne? Przeżyj to, a zobaczysz, że możliwe. I to dla każdego. Osoba aktywna pokona bariery swoich możliwości. Osoba lubiąca wyspać się i poleniuchować – trzeciego dnia programu przestawi się na nowe tory, bo zacznie dostrzegać i odczuwać efekty swojego wysiłku.

W góry codziennie wyruszamy z naszej pięknej willi. Pokoje do indywidualnego wykorzystania lub wspólne dla par lub przyjaciół.

Na 7 dni poprosimy Cię o nie-używanie telefonu komórkowego i laptopa w obecności innych uczestników. Prawdziwy detoks cyfrowy: telefon przyda się wyłącznie do robienia zdjęć!


After a long muscle-warming trek in the mountains and volcanoes, these stomach-flattening exercises are really effective.

We will treat you to a series of strength-building and core shaping exercises – we call them “tummies” – which, combined with the intensive effort in the mountains, will bring about a splendid sculpturing of those muscle areas most difficult to keep in shape.


Our daily yoga sessions have a beneficial effect on the body and mind.

In addition to intense volcano walks and exercises on the abs muscles, you will find stretching and restoring your muscles’ during our yoga sessions perfect for the needs of your body,

Yoga at sunrise before breakfast will stretch you and prepare you for our walk. Yoga at dusk before dinner will soothe the pain of muscles, which – we guarantee – will be felt especially during the first days. Fatigue and painful muscle tension will disappear. These yoga sessions also improve the functioning of internal organs and improve oxygenation.

The combination of physical exercise, deep breathing and meditation evokes positive changes in the body. The mind learns to calm down and master the difficult art of concentration.


You will undergo hours of massages to bring relief to tired muscles and your soul. Your mind will calm down, and you will experience a feeling of deep relaxation and peace.

Massage can be holistic or focused on areas that specifically require relaxation. You will experience different types of massage: from sports, through various exotic and relaxation techniques, to foot reflexology and aromatherapy.

Massage is not only a pleasant and relaxing treatment … In the process of regeneration, biological renewal and detox plays an important role: stimulates the lymphatic system, helping to reduce the amount of fluid retained in the body and removing toxins; stimulates the natural immune system, reduces tension, relaxes rigid and hard muscles; raises the level of energy, soothes the mind.


Our food is delicious, healthy, wholesome and helps to cleanse the body. Our meals are an inseparable element of our regeneration program. Regardless of whether or not you are a vegetarian, you will love our aromatic vegetarian cuisine.

After returning home from your week with us you can return to your normal eating habits if you like but we find most people stick with our style of food as it’s addictive! We will provide you with our recipes so you can continue a  clean healthy- eating at home.

Initially our portions may seem small but this is to promote purification and accelerate your metabolism if you are of a lean build as well as fat burning for those who are looking for this aspect in your stay.

For people with specific health restrictions, it is possible to slightly increase the portions. All the food is prepared on location by a chef who specialises in clean, healthy, wholesome vegetarian cuisine. The aromas and flavours of their kitchen will follow you long after you return home …

Some days we go to Total Detox with a combination or fruit juices and vegetable soup creams. The colours and flavours of our fabulous dishes will enchant and surprise you …

Meals will be taken in a beautiful dining area at a common table or outside, on our terrace. At dawn and in the evening lit by candlelight.

Changes in the diet are the most effective way to remove toxins from the body, reduce fat during the slimming program and build muscle tissue. This process becomes even more effective if it is accompanied by intense physical activity – as in our unique wellness program. Cleansing diet and physical exercise (especially yoga) improve the functioning of the liver, kidneys, lungs, digestive system and help remove toxins.

Join our holistic retreat in Lanzarote! We will send you more info, we can call you back if you would like to ask questions, tell us your expectations, talk about our programme or chat about holidaying in Lanzarote