A revolution in weight-loss and active regeneration in Lanzarote. Come to our island, leaving behind EVERYTHING for one week, and place yourself in the hands of our team. Sweat away troublesome emotions and toxins, burn calories, reduce body fat and above all reset. Here’s what awaits you during the most active bootcamp on the island: 

TREKKING THROUGH VOLCANOES OF LANZAROTE – We will motivate you to do hours of  guided cardio-treks through the stunning volcanic landscape of Lanzarote.

FLAT ABS TRAININGS – After a long muscle-warming trek in the mountains and volcanoes, these stomach-flattening exercises are really effective.

YOGA – Our daily yoga sessions have a beneficial effect on the body and mind.

MASSAGE – You will undergo hours of massages to bring relief to tired muscles and your soul. Your mind will calm down, and you will experience a feeling of deep relaxation and peace

DIET – Our food is delicious, healthy, wholesome and helps to cleanse the body. Our meals are an inseparable element of our regeneration program. Regardless of whether or not you are a vegetarian, you will love our aromatic vegetarian cuisine.



After the 7 days, you’ll be dividing your life into “before” and “after”. You mind will calm down and your body will become firm and supple. If you are facing any life-changing decisions, you will tackle them with greater facility and in addition, experience a wonderful feeling of belief in your own mental and physical potential.

During the retreat you’ll sculpture your physique and fine-tune your soul. The programme consists of physical exercise and revitalising diet that will cleanse your body of toxins. Lots of activity, healthy diet, communing with nature will improve your physical and mental well-being. You will acquire a new vitality that will stay with you for many months to come…

This unique holistic active regeneration programme is enjoyed by both activity freaks as well as couch potatoes who finally want to start living more actively!

Are you searching for something but can’t figure out what? Open to new things and loving life? Or know you are ready to make a change? We can help you battle your own barriers. People come here in order to undergo our holistic regime, achieve their goals, lose weight, find balance, peace and complete mental reset.