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We love Lanzarote and we organise holidays and stays here so that you l can love it too. As a local travel and tourism agency (Sweat Lodge  Lanzarote I-AV-0004445.1), we know every place here, working with the best mountain guides, tour guides, owners of the most beautiful villas, masseurs, yoga and fitness instructors, chefs (cooking on site or catering) and centres for all kinds of water sports.

Our offer is a response to new trends in tourism and people’s changing expectations from leisure activities. Nowadays, people are looking for ways to spend their time during short holidays that will help them catch up on the areas of their lives that have been pushed out by work.

We love Lanzarote because IT IS A PLACE NOT OF THIS EARTH, still not crowded with tourists, but full of magical energy and lunar landscapes, surrounded by the most beautiful beaches and the ocean.

,,Make your fantasies come true! We believe that true renewal is a journey into oneself, in search of harmony of soul and body”

-Barbara Olszewska,


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