Sweatlodge Lanzarote

Looking for a week to change your life? Time spent with us in Lanzarote could be that time!

Push yourself until the pips squeak

SWEATLODGE LANZAROTE - a 7 day regeneration programme, for women and men, during which you will sculpture your physique fine-tune your soul. The programme consists of physical exercise and revitalising diet that will cleanse your body of toxins. Lots of activity, healthy diet, communing with nature and like-minded people will improve your physical and mental well-being.
You will acquire a new vitality that will stay with you for many months to come...
Sweat away troublesome emotions and toxins, burn calories and reduce body fat.


Who is sweatlodge for?

This unique holistic active regeneration programme is enjoyed by both activity freaks as well as couch potatoes who finally want to start living more actively! Both men and women love the retreat, whether aged 18 or 100.
Whether searching, open, life loving, curious, ready to battle their own barriers, people come in order to undergo our holistic regime to achieve results, loose weight, find balance, peace and complete mental reset. You can be assured there will be no excuses and no escape!


So much more than a weight loss holiday bootcamp

Some come just to loose weight but soon realise that a week with SweatLodge Bootcamp is something much more than just a weight loss holiday. Here you will find a change of life, new energy, vitality and courage. You will develop a higher level of physical and mental endurance... You will FIND YOURSELF AGAIN!
By surrendering to our regime for 1 week you will lose weight, regain your waist and strengthen muscles. In addition you will lift yourself mentally, regain your energy, improve your body, balance and pleasure.









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