benefitting mind and body

Our daily yoga sessions have a beneficial effect on the body and mind.

In addition to intense volcano walks and exercises on the flat stomach, you will find stretching and restoring your muscles’ during our Power Yoga exercise, or “exercise yoga” perfect for the needs of your body,

Yoga at sunrise before breakfast will stretch you and prepare you for our walk. Yoga at dusk before dinner will soothe the pain of muscles, which – we guarantee – will be felt especially during the first days. Fatigue and painful muscle tension will disappear. These yoga sessions also improve the function of internal organs and oxygenation will improve.

physical exercise, deep breathing and meditation evokes positive changes

The combination of physical exercise, deep breathing and meditation evokes positive changes in the body. The mind learns to calm down and master the difficult art of concentration.

Power yoga is called Vinyasa Flow training, during which the heart works more intensively than other types of yoga, which facilitates the burning of excess calories, shaping and sculpting the arms, abdominal muscles, legs and buttocks. Our yoga is also enriched by the techniques of auto-massage using specific tools such as balls. It is a technique that the participants enjoy and successfully use at home on a daily and regular basis after returning from the camps.