in amongst the volcanoes


Every day we will motivate you to do a 6-7 hour trek through the stunning volcanic landscape of Lanzarote. We’ll make the mountains and volcanoes our “gym” – an intensive march uphill, followed by an equally rhythmic descent, offers an endeavour much more exciting than a gym-based workout. The mountains and volcanoes will ensure a next-to-painless endurance of this amount of exertion. Your efforts will be rewarded with breathtaking views, clean air and a delicious lunch on the trail.


The first two days will be difficult – you may even feel like giving up – but we will encourage you every step of the way and it’s well worth pushing through these feelings. On the third day you’ll discover in yourself strengths you never knew you had! A powerful physical-exercise injection and a change in eating habits, delivered through us, will speed up your metabolism, hone your body contours and cleanse your body and mind.


Unbelievable? Experience it and you’ll see it’s possible, and possible for each and every one of us. An active individual will exceed the limits of their capabilities and a person fond of a lie-in and lazing about will, on the third day of the programme, get out of the rut, as they begin to notice and feel the effects of their efforts..

We set off on our daily treks from our beautiful Finca where there are rooms for single travellers and larger ones for couples or friends. For the duration of the seven days we will ask you to refrain from using your mobile in the presence of your fellow participants. There’ll be no time pressure, anyway.