Our Program

A 7-day regeneration programme, for women and men, during which you’ll sculpture your physique and fine-tune your soul. The programme consists of physical exercise and revitalising diet that will cleanse your body of toxins. Lots of activity, healthy diet, communing with nature and like-minded people will improve your physical and mental well-being.

You will acquire a new vitality that will stay with you for many months to come…


Traditionally used by North American Indians to rid themselves of toxins and “bad energy” with the help of high temperatures in a tent heated by hot stones.


We  achieve the same by pushing ourselves rigorously in the mountains and volcanoes of Lanzarote during training marches, yoga, stomach-flattening workouts and massage. Large quantities of water drunk on the trails and light – but nutritious – meals will help us survive and sweep our bodies clean of toxins.


“Push Yourself to the Limit!” is a real deluxe type of hard-core workout. Our programme promises maximum fitness,  with massage and yoga – which will leave you ready for the next day. Your physical exertion, on the edge of endurance, will give you an unexpected level of satisfaction.


It is a programme for women and men, consisting of physical effort, relaxation, diet and body shaping. Certainly you will lose weight, given the diet and the amount of activity it is unavoidable, but most importantly you will regain your physical and mental well-being, discover yourself anew and meet some great people!


Sweatlodge – Push Yourself is an experience to be relished individually, with a loved one or shared with a group of friends. Individualists, deep-thinkers, those facing life-changing decisions, and intense, demanding types, will all find here an ambiance conducive to meditation, as well as food for your body and soul.


Push Yourself is a programme for people who are not afraid of discovering in themselves new and unexpected levels of energy and enthusiasm.

After the 7 days, you’ll be dividing your life into “before” and “after”. You mind will calm down and your body will become firm and supple.

If you are facing any life-changing decisions, you will tackle them with a greater capability and in addition, experience a wonderful feeling of belief in your own mental and physical potential.


Meet the creator of Sweatlodge and discover what gave her the drive and the passion for this remarkable brand

I exchanged a comfortable position in the corporation to run the Total Renew DajSobieWycisk camps.

… after a dozen or so years of professional work in a corporation, I longed to break out of a comfortable routine and swim against the tide. But I needed a clear sign, a stimulus that would force me to make concrete changes. I decided to go on holiday to have more time to think about new challenges. I left SAMA for a week. I spent it in the spa – in a blissful atmosphere of doing nothing and taking care of my beauty.  IT WAS BORING!!!! I rested? For sure. But it did not clear my mind or allow me to think. While running around the park I had more interesting thoughts than lying under the layer of creams and mud …

For a change, I went to the camp of active recreation to Majorca, where for a week I had to submit to the regime of movement and a cleansing diet. I survived this week, I came back changed, calm and happy. IT WAS IT!

I introduced the formula of a radical physical-psychological renewal (BootCamp) on the Polish market. My SweatLodge / DajSobie camps in Poland take place in luxurious mountain huts, where people who love activity find themselves anew, break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to take care of the body through sharp uncompromising training, and for the soul – by silencing the chase of thoughts.

We have now moved this life changing regime to the beautiful magical island of Lanzarote where positive energies flow from the land abound.