relief for your soul


Every day you will undergo an hour of massage to bring relief to tired muscles and your soul. You will find your mind will calm down, and you will experience a feeling of deep relaxation and peace.

Holistic or focused

Massage can be holistic or focused on areas that specifically require relaxation. You will experience different types of massage: from sports, through various exotic and relaxation techniques, to foot reflexology and aromatherapy.

soothe the mind

Massage is not only a pleasant and relaxing treatment … In the process of regeneration, biological renewal and detox plays an important role: stimulates the lymphatic system, helping to reduce the amount of fluid retained in the body and removing toxins; stimulates the natural immune system, reduces tension, relaxes rigid and hard muscles; raises the level of energy, soothes the mind.

Exotic and sport massages are served to our participants every day after a day of trekking and training.

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