Colour your Day with Goodness.

Energy and Flavours burst out of the simplest foods while you’re sitting in the Lanzarote sunshine.

Concerns about specific health restrictions?
Drop us a message to find out more details about the food we serve or to request specific foods.

Fresh & Organic

Wholesome, Local in season produce and Vegetarian

Top Chefs

Culinary Creations from the best specialists on the island

Simple Recipes

Shared throughout the week so you can replicate at home

Our Kitchen

Our food is delicious, healthy, wholesome and helps to cleanse the body. Our kitchen is an inseparable element of our regeneration program. Regardless of whether or not you are a vegetarian, you will love our aromatic vegetarian cuisine

After returning home from your week with us you can return to your normal eating habits if you like but we find most people stick with our style of food as it’s addictive! We will provide you with our recipes so you can continue a clean healthy- eating program at home. Initially our portions may seem small but this is to promote purification and accelerate your metabolism if you are of a lean build as well as fat burning for those who are looking for this aspect in your stay.

All the food is prepared by an on site chef who specialises in clean, healthy, wholesome vegetarian cuisine. The aromas and flavours of their kitchen will follow you long after you return home …



Changes in the diet are the most effective way to remove toxins from the body, reduce fat during the slimming program and build muscle tissue. This process becomes even more effective if it is accompanied by intense physical activity – as in our unique wellness program. Cleansing diet and physical exercise (especially yoga) improve the functioning of the liver, kidneys, lungs, digestive system and help remove toxins.

Mouth watering?

Want to come and join us?

Detox Day

Mid week, we go to Total Detox with a combination or fruit juices and vegetable soup creams. The colours and flavours of our fabulous dishes will enchant and surprise you …

Alfresco Dining

Meals will be taken in a beautiful dining area at a common table or outside, if the weather permits, on our terrace. At dawn and in the evening lit by candlelight.